Simona Ciancetta

Simona Ciancetta,Interior DesignerOriginally from Rome, Simona is a young, forward thinking designer whose vision is to bring the spirit and the culture of post-modernist Milan to the United States of America. Her store, Via Solferino, located in the heart of Miami's Design District, captures these ideals with a distinction like no other. The wall to wall style emanates a combination of modernity and elegance that draws every kind of clientele, from gallery hoppers to the famous elite.

The natural charismatic Simona has a sixth sense for coming trends: after bringing the most advanced Italian design to Miami, she was one of the first to notice the new international influences in the design circuit around the world and bring this style back home to Miami. Surrounding herself with designers, artists and other progressive individuals, Simona has left her mark in Miami's Design District, where she has been recognized as one of the touchstones of design in South Florida's creative world.

Aldo Andreoli

Aldo Andreoli, ArchitectItalian-born architect Aldo Andreoli has been living in the United States for more then 20 years.

Combining his love of architecture and travel, Aldo's work includes an impressive portfolio of innovative and challenging commercial and residential projects that span five continents. Italy, Venezuela, Hawaii, and New York are just a few of the regions where his work has made him an international talent.

After working in both Europe and South America, Aldo moved to the United States in 1986 where he has since designed a range of notable projects, including two loft condominiums in TriBeCa, a 14-unit condominium on the Upper West Side of New York City, the construction of three new houses in Sedona, Arizona, and several private renovations. He has also collaborated on the design and development of high-end resorts in Arizona, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Aldo's forte is his relentless attention to the execution of finish details and a studious attention to the floor plan, emphasizing grace of proportion and room scale. He is a selective designer, favoring uncommon projects with limitless potential.

Bruno Rainaldi

Bruno Rainaldi, DesignerBruno lives and works in Milan, Italy, where, for the past 20 years, he has been working as an interior and furniture designer. He has had the opportunity to collaborate as an art director or designer with very well known Italian furniture companies, including De Padova, Alivar, Blum, Mussi and Sintesi. In 2004, with the bookshelf Ptolomeo, Bruno was awarded the °"Compasso d'oro", the most important Italian award in the world of design.

Bruno has created a number of unique furnishing lines. In 1994 Bruno created Dilmos Edizioni, a design products collection with rich artistic sensibilities. In 2002 he founded MOCO Extraordinary Furniture, a new and expressive line, and opened Entrata Libera, a design and art gallery in Milan. This space has become a reference point for cutting edge design, art, and art-related events.

2004 brought the creation of Facebox Genuine Mirrors: a new collection of mirrors. Bruno also became a member of Ciatti a Tavola, a high-end kitchen cabinet company. In 2005 he designed a new collection of lamps for Terzani. In 2006 he became art director for DeSide, where he invented a new concept for headboards. During this time he also designed Mode', a cabinet collection for Baleri Italia; Max 8, a new cabinet system; and 4feet, an area rugs collection for Mussi Italia.

Juan Pablo Nardi CEO

Juan Pablo Nardi, CEOJuan Pablo coordinates projects and heads up all development operations. He comes to CREA with 20 years of experience in developing distribution and marketing of major international brands. He has played a key role in developing CREA's brand and in putting the team together, giving CREA its presence internationally. He is in direct contact with major developers for residential and commercial projects, and he is responsible for all aspects of marketing. Juan Pablo is integrally involved with the strategic planning and sales.


Jose Merlo

Has been practicing Architecture, Project Administration and Construction Administration since 1977, and has had the benefit of working on a wide range of projects that have been developed in communities across Dade County, as well as in the Caribbean and Latin America. Having been involved in all facets of Architecture and Construction, these combined experiences have rewarded him with a great deal of insight into the broad range of Building Codes, Zoning Ordinances, Construction Methods and Guidelines for Development.

Alex Ramirez

Is a Professional Engineer with 19 years of experience in the fields of energy, mechanical and electrical systems. Alex not only has designed but actually built his and other peoples design.
He likes to remind his listeners in the seminars that “you don’t become a true professional designer until you have spent years in the field, actually assembling and testing the systems you see on your computer screens.
Until you get field experience, there where the rubber meets the road, you won’t be able to efficiently address your contractors concerns”.

Adolfo Villaraos

History of seamlessly orchestrating complex construction and development projects with budgets of up to Five Million USD. Proficient in building and managing sub-contractors and vendors relationships for services and products, including negotiating and administering ccntracts. deliverables, and work statements. Reputation for exceeding corporate objectivcs while controlling costs and improving efficiencies.

Esteban Nardi

Esteban comes to Crea with over of 12 years of experience in the development of new markets, he is directly responsible for Crea Panama , Crea Colombia and Crea Ecuador, has also contributed to make Crea a design development company, he has participated as partner in Crea construction and two subsidiaries of CREA properties.


Claudio Delmonte

Designer Claudio Delmonte is a licensed Italian Architect and a graduate of the University of Genoa, where he received his degree in 2007. After working in Italy, he developed considerable experience abroad, working at Rosati Architecture in New York City and at CREA in Panama City, He is currently consulting at Estudio Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra in Seville, Spain.

Elisa Tacconi

Designer Elisa Tacconi is a licensed Italian Architect and a graduate of the University of Florence,from the Design & Architecture Technologies Department "Pierluigi Spadolini". After working in Italy at Baciocchi Architecture Studio, Elisa has developed considerable experience abroad, working at Rosati Architecture in New York City and at CREA in Panama City.


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