Graphics 2000

140 Franklin Street is a prestigious address, a graceful 19th century warehouse in Manhattan's fashionable TriBeCa neighborhood, renovated into spacious condominiums by one of Italy's most renowned modernist architects, Aldo Andreoli.

At least, that's what it was to become. "The real challenge with a real-estate project is that I basically have to construct a brochure for something that doesn't exist yet. I cant' send a photographer to shoot the living space, so I have to tell the story through other means," says Alan Hill of Alan Hill Design. "In this case, I decided to play with the contrast between the industrial texture of the original building and the clean renovation that was going to occur inside." Even the paper he specified, matte finish Kashmir from Plainwell in 80-lb. Text and 100-lb. cover, reinforces those contrasts. "It's a smooth uncoated paper, so the photography is sharp and clear, but the paper has a soft surface," the designer explains.

Hill focused on details in the photography—close-ups of brass hardware and carved sandstone cornices from the exterior, vignettes of the sleek closet system and kitchen fixtures the architect had selected, and random scenes of the bustling neighborhood - and floated the images in white space to suggest the size of the condominiums. "The design is clean and spare, which reflects the client's sensibility," he says. The brochure was printed in five colors, four-colors, four-color process for the imagery with a soft match green on the pages showcasing the floor plans for the condominiums. Notes Hill, "I wanted to be able to play with the color in the photography on press, but I needed to hold that green." Hill's cover treatment was stark and simple, with a sophisticated touch of humor: one 40 franklin blind embossed on a white background. "Spelling out the one in the address provides the first hint that this building is really unique," says the designer. ⊕

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