New York Times - Sunday, November 12, 2000

Granted, she conceded. Buyers of multimillion-dollar apartments probably do not fret about choosing the right cycle, nor are they likely to boast about capabilities of their washing machines. "But what luxury is all about is options and being in control of them, it is a perfect world".

In Mr. Wilson's experience, there are marked differences between the expectations of buyers downtown and uptown. "Downtown there is more focus on finishes, materials, cabinetry and fixtures", he said. "Uptown they are more concerned with the concierge, valet, playrooms and meeting facilities." His current project, a retrofit of a renaissance revival building at 140 Franklin Street, has been designed by the Italian architect Aldo Andreoli. Among its 13 condos will be a 8,000 square foot penthouse with 3,200 square feet of outdoor space, 22 foot-high ceilings and a floating staircase. "There will be a doorman and a super, but nothing more in the way of staff", he said. "That is just not the focus there". All the apartments but the penthouse are spoken for, at prices ranging from $2 million to $6 million. Mr. Wilson said he expected the penthouse would go for $14 million.⊕

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