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Oculus - June 1997

14 Lofts at 140 Franklin St., from $1.65 Million to $3.95 Million

In Tribeca at 56 Thomas Street, six finished lofts of 1,716 to 2,414 square feet in an 1898 Renaissance Revival commercial building were for sale, finished and designed by Aldo Andreoli, for $500,000 to $1.2 million and are reselling for even more.

Andreoli also designed the Hermitage, a Memphis style residential tower to be built atop a Beaux Arts building on Riverside Drive. The building is home to the House of Free Russia and next door to the Art Deco Normandie, but the project has been defeated, on the first round at least, by neighborhood groups that don't want any new construction and particularly object to a modern structure stuck on top of an historic building. The People and the Preservation People are obviously of two minds on this subject. ⊕

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