Miami - 2nd Anniversary Issue

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Meet the men and women who make Miamia global design hot spot

By Saxon Henry

The powerhouses driving Miami's rep as a design destination-from the duo that does the Clintons' interiors to a visionary that championed the Campana Brothers way back when-give up the goods about rising to the top and dish about the people, places and things that make them tick.
For someone who spent the first 10 years of her life in classical environments like Italy, France and Egypt, Simona Ciancetta knows her way around cutting-edge contemporary design.

"I was in charge of ordering furniture and designing interiors for one of the most important design stores in Iraly-attending furniture fairs to order products and keeping up with what was hot in design," says the Comme de Garyons-c1ad designer, who arrived in Miami via Udine, Italy


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