CREA is a design team composed of a select group of international designers and planners. CREA's distinctive design sensibility, balancing form and function with a bold yet elegant flair, arises from the designers' studies, travels, and design work worldwide. In the spirit of Italian tradition, CREA believes that architecture and interior design are not two separate disciplines, but, at different scales, two complementary fundamentals of the design process. With this holistic understanding, CREA offers complete services, from space planning to custom furnishing, from designing a new project to transforming an old. CREA has the ability to uniquely personalize each space, whether it be an exterior building façade, common areas, and apartment layouts, or interior furnishings.


Simona Ciancetta - Head of Interior Design

Originally from Rome, Simona is a young, forward thinking designer whose vision is to bring the spirit and the culture of post-modernist Milan to the United States of America. Her store, Via Solferino, located in the heart of Miami's Design District, captures these ideals with a distinction like no other. The wall to wall style emanates a combination of modernity and elegance that draws every kind of clientele, from gallery hoppers to the famous elite.

The natural charismatic Simona has a sixth sense for coming trends: after bringing the most advanced Italian design to Miami, she was one of the first to notice the new international influences in the design circuit around the world and bring this style back home to Miami. Surrounding herself with designers, artists and other progressive individuals, Simona has left her mark in Miami's Design District, where she has been recognized as one of the touchstones of design in South Florida's creative world.


Juan Pablo Nardi - CEO

Juan Pablo coordinates projects and heads up all development operations. He comes to CREA with 20 years of experience in developing distribution and marketing of major international brands. He has played a key role in developing CREA's brand and in putting the team together, giving CREA its presence internationally. He is in direct contact with major developers for residential and commercial projects, and he is responsible for all aspects of marketing. Juan Pablo is integrally involved with the strategic planning and sales.